I’m Nathan Davis. This blog documents my travels to Indiana’s natural and outdoor spaces. I’m often accompanied by my wife and now 4 year-old son. We also sometimes travel out-of-state and document those travels as well.

PMtn-NateI do this because I want to promote conservation throughout Indiana. The eastern United States as lost so much of its natural history. It is my goal to preserve what little remains untouched and to conserve that which can be used to promote the recovery of species that had once been on the decline.

I also moderate a Google Plus Community, Indiana Outdoors.  We share stories about natural areas in Indiana: finding hidden gems, celebrating old favorites, and meeting new Hoosier friends who share our interest in being outdoors. If you care about Indiana’s natural heritage, I encourage you to join and share with us.

In conjunction with Indiana Outdoors, I maintain a Google map of the places mentioned in the community. Check it out. You may find a new favorite, maybe even an expert guide.


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  1. I’m relatively new to northern Indiana. I look forward to learning more about the landscape in this area. Your photographs are gorgeous.


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