Pleasant Run Trail Improvements

Almost exactly a year ago, I issued a cry for help for the east side’s premier greenway, Pleasant Run Trail. For most of it’s length, Pleasant Run lived up to it’s name, but in a detour around the now shuttered Citizens Energy Coke Plant (as in the coal product, not the soft drink), the trail became gritty and ultimately unsafe.

What a difference one year makes!


Pleasant Run Trail has been expanded from a narrow sidewalk to a 12′, 2-lane trail.

prt last year

Notice the difference from last year’s photo from the same location.


This was accomplished by eliminating one lane from Keystone, reducing it from a 4 lane street to a 2 lane street with center turn lane.


This improvement continues south past Prospect to Pleasant Run Parkway itself (green light in the background).

There was always some confusion at this corner whether trail users should continue on, or turn left onto Prospect to reconnect to the trail and creek a quarter mile east. Now the choice is clear.


In a move not seen elsewhere, the new portion of the trail is drained it’s entire length.


There’s also an excellent new crosswalk at Keystone and Pleasant Run to reconnect to the original trail.


Problems do remain. Here a residential gate was left open into the trail-way. At other places there is also quite a bit of litter both on and just off the trail, and fences still feature encroaching mulberry and grapevine.


However, the improvements seem to be working. I saw more people on this portion of the trail in just 20 minutes than I’d seen using it in the last five years combined.

There ARE still problems along English Ave. Nothing has been touched there. The sidewalk is narrow and crumbling. There are unexpected jogs for cyclists. The street is still busy and close (see the original report). But with the improvements along Keystone, a great deal of the Pleasant Run problem has been dealt with. I look forward to seeing what improvements are in store for the remaining problem areas.

A big thank you is owed to whoever masterminded this improvement. I’m sure both Indianapolis DPW and Indy Greenways had a hand in it. Thank you to both.

See this report as a Google Plus album.


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