Ross Hills County Park

Thursday evening trip to the Wabash River between Lafayette and Attica. Our first stop was Ross Hills County Park (Tippecanoe County). This park was the former home of David Rosspdf, an early Purdue University benefactor. Adjacent Ross Camp, also a Tippecanoe County park, was an early Purdue surveying camp for the engineering school.

Lilies at the David Ross House

On entering the park, it looks pretty uninteresting: large mowed fields, picnic tables and shelters, and a Frisbee golf course. Certainly nice for family reunions, but not for someone looking for a hike through natural settings.

However, once you get into the park a little way, the view changes. The three story arts and crafts David Ross House is really terrific if you’re into architecture. There’s a great story to it’s founding in this short bio. While the house typically isn’t open, you can rent it for events. The house also serves as the trail head for the short Overlook trail.

David Ross House

I had great hopes for the overlook. The Wabash valley is very pretty and the north bank frequently has high bluffs. After a five minute walk through the woods and past some steep ravines, we arrived at a large circular platform. The platform was in good shape and equipped with benches for relaxing while you enjoyed the view.

The “Overlook”

The problem? There was no view. The surrounding woods had grown up so much that there was never even a glimpse of water or the valley. The boy still had had lots of fun running around the platform, and it was a terrific venue for taking some portraits.

No overlook? No problem. The view is still great.

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