Adam’s Mill

Built in 1845, Adams Mill on the North Fork of Wildcat Creek (Carroll County) is a small center of American rural life. The mill itself ( is a “Grist Mill and Museum of Americana” that is open weekends from mid April to mid October. The mill hosts a  variety of events, the most elaborate being Discover the Wildcat at Adams Mill! in June and Haunted Adams Mill in October.

Adam's Mill
Adam’s Mill

The mill sits across the road from Adams Mill Oxbow Natural Area, 50 acres of woods, prairie,  and wetland inside an almost perfectly circular oxbow on Wildcat Creek. A circular path follows the inside of the oxbow and leads from the parking lot,around the prairie, to the Adams Mill Covered Bridge (1872), and finally back to the mill and parking lot.

Adam's Mill covered bridge
Adam’s Mill covered bridge

There is a boat launch at the site (13 miles to the next access point). It is also designated as public fishing area, though the mill pond is currently non-existent due to a break in the dam. I understand that a replacement dam is planned.

North Fork of Wildcat Creek
North Fork of Wildcat Creek

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